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Saturday, October 10, 2009

SUPER SAVINGS!!! (and a couple extra Albertsons tips)

So I haven't been shopping in over two weeks and I haven't done a big stock up trip in a long time so consequently we were getting low or out of lots of stuff. My husband has even been teasing me with comments like, "come on coupon lady you're suppose to be on top of this!"

My trip to Albertsons today though I think puts me back in my families coupon happiness. I actually dragged Justin along with me since it was suppose to be our date night. He was a great sport and it was lots of fun to watch the cashiers eyes bug out when we checked out. We had a cart literally overflowing with stuff and since she started checking us out before I could give her my preferred card we got to watch all of the savings in the end. Before the cashier scanned my card I warned Justin not to faint at the bill because it would be a lot, and it was, it was $270! Scanned my card and it was SOOO fun to watch that total plummet to just over $100. The cashier was already in awe but then I handed her a HUGE stack of coupons and she almost fainted when my final total was $88.19 and my receipt showed that I had saved $182.64!!! Yup good night and I feel redeemed as the coupon lady.

Justin offered to help unload the groceries so I didn't take a picture but I had to take a picture of the reciept for you to see. You still have until Tuesday to hit these sales. Go here to make your lists.


*At my store there were $1/1 any Sarah Lee Bread coupons that you could rip off a poster board. Several varieties are on sale for $1.99 making the bottom line $.99

*There is an in-add store coupon for FREE Tostitos chips when you spend $25 or more using your preferred card.

*Brilla Pasta: The Plus Pasta is not part of the $1.33 sale BUT the Whole Grain Pasta is.

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