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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Eating from the Pantry weeks

I didn't purposely plan to have two weeks of eating from the pantry but I have been extremely busy with, well life, and also for the past two months my husband and I have been sharing one car and that makes getting to the store even harder. I did go to the store once for milk and eggs and I did run really fast to grab the Kellogg's cereal deal at Albertsons but that's all I had time for over the last two weeks. At the end of two weeks I thought I'd share a little of what we have actually been eating:

* Cold cereal (lots and lots of cereal!)
* One morning of pancakes
* Two morning of eggs and Turkey Bacon

* Sandwiches (my little one LOVES peanut butter honey sandwiches) We ran out of bread about 3 days ago now though so we've had to find her other things
* Tuna, apples and crackers
* Spaghetti O's
* Smart Ones (Those are mine : ) )
* Ramen Noodles (my oldest loves, Loves, LOVES noodles and until this eating from the pantry she's never had ramen before. She loves it! She also loves soup and the ramen packets make it more like soup and noodles so she is IN LOVE! I have to admit that while the sodium is a lot letting her have this every couple days is nice when I am in a rush.)
* Soup
* We also had one fun day with Daddy on Monday where we all went to taco bell and had $.39 tacos before dance class : )

Some of these are my families favorite recipes that I'll try to share latter:
* Shrimp, rice and vegetables (We call these Lexi's yummy skimmpies and we had this 2x)
* Sweet and sour meat balls
* Hungarian Chicken
* Noodles, sauce and veggies (my girls favorite that they want ALL day long. We had this at least 2x)
* Baked Potatoes with chili, cheese and veggies
* Casadillas 2x
* Breakfast dinner (pancakes, eggs, turkey Bacon)
* Grilled steak and Chicken
* Friday nights Justin and I have what we call our Friday tradition. We buy a $5 foot long from subway and split it while we watch our favorite show together, Numbers. The girls typically end up getting to request what they want so of course its noodles, pancakes or one night they wanted their own pizza party so we popped a frozen pizza in the oven for them.

*Plums, peaches, apples, bananas, carrots, snap peas and canned pears
* pudding
* home popped pop corn
* organic pop tarts
* wheat thins
* granola bars
* tortilla chips
* cereal in a bag
* gram crackers
* Fiber One Muffins

I'm sure I've missed a few things. Its been nice to know over the past two weeks that I didn't have to stress that I had no time for shopping because we've had plenty of food. We are out of a lot of items now and I've had to be a little more creative for lunch and dinner the last two days. I will be going to the store this weekend!

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