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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How I Pick my Stores

A good question that many of you ask me is how many stores I shop at and how I pick them. Since I am coming back into town this week and definately will need to go shoping heres how I pick where I am going:
  1. I use the All Stores Shopping List on my blog's side bar so I can see all the current lists
  2. I quickly scroll through all the stores to see which one(s) meet my needs best
  3. I make my shoping list(s)

Tip: Some times it is worth breaking your shopping up into two stores. One for stock up sales and one for fresh produce. The overall goal is SAVING and if you are getting a great price on stock up items but need tons of fresh produce and the store with the stock up sales does not have great produce prices that week it WILL be worth making an trip to an additional store for those fresh items you can't buy in 12 week supplies (like bananas in my case : ) )

Using steps 1 and 2 this week my store pick that meets my families stock up needs is Smith's.

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