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Saturday, July 11, 2009


I frequently mention that bananas are ALWAYS on my shopping list. I think I really do live in house full of monkeys becuase we eat so many. : ) I love bananas but obviously this is not something you can buy a 12 week supply off. Its hard enough to make them last a week! My mom passed a long a tip to me on how to extend the life of bananas. She told me that if you separate the bananas instead of leaving them in the bunch they would last longer. I didn't really think this would help so I haven't been doing it. Well now that I am on vacation my sister-in-law and I decided to experiment with her tip. I bought two small banana bunches. We separated one bunch and left the other one together. For the first 3 days there didn't really seem to be any difference so we decided that separating didn't help. Well day 4 I walked into the kitchen and now I could see the difference. The ones left together are all spotted and the one by itself is just fine with minimal browness. Cool huh? Never thought something so simple would work. So separate your bananas they'll last longer and you won't waste as much money throwing brown bananas away!

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