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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE my *4* SUNDAY only Papers!

I love my 4 Sunday only papers for several reasons. Here are my top 10 reasons why:

#1 I love, Love, LOVE shopping with coupons! The Sunday only has lots of coupons! About 70% of companies that publish manufacturers coupons put them out through the Smart Source inserts found only in the Sunday papers

#2 It has proven for me to be the most RELIABLE source for coupons. I love the free coupons I get in the mail but some of us aren't on the direct mailing list and periodically for no reason what so ever my mail man doesn't deliver them! ARGH! and yes I do kind of sound like an upset pirate when I check my mail on Tuesdays and find that the USPS has failed to deliver my treasure to me (coupons)! but after I take a moment I find myself SOO relieved that my Sunday only paper has not failed to deliver.

#3 I LOVE a great deal! Through a grocery smarts instructor (like me) you can get amazing discounts on the Sunday only paper. For my multiple subscriptions it's even cheaper than buying the paper discounted at the dollar store the next day because I only pay $.75 a paper for three of my four papers!!!

#4 I don't have to run all around town to find my coupons I love the sound I often briefly wake up to Sunday morning. "thud, thud, thud, thud". That's the sound of my coupons (papers) being delivered right to my front door! I don't have to wake my kids up early Monday morning, get them dressed and fed in a panic to make it to a store on time to pick up left over Sunday papers hoping the entire way there that there are still papers left and that no one has been dishonest (again) and stolen the coupons!

#5 If my delivery is ever messed up it gets corrected very quickly I don't have to sound like an angry pirate if something funny happens like I didn't get all four of my papers or the coupons are missing because all I do is call the Review Journal customer service and talk to the VERY nice ladies on the phone for a second. They fix the problem quickly. They often will offer to make it right that day!

#6 I don't have to worry about wasting paper and ink from my computer Online printable coupons are a great extra resource but I can't always rely on them. Sometimes they won't print, print limits have been reached, I can't print enough to meet the needs of my family, printing coupons off a personal computer can use up a lot of paper and very expensive ink. I don't have to print out my Smart Source coupons and they are in a nice little packet and not floating loosely around my house : )

#7 I can help support my local schools by recycling my papers in their recycle containers. Getting four Sunday papers is a lot of paper but I still feel good about it because several local schools have large recycling containers that they get paid by the pound to fill. So when I recycle my papers at a school I not only got my awesome coupons but I'm also helping support our kid's schools.

#8 When special offers pop up in the Sunday paper I have one for each member of my family! Remember the extra KFC coupons we got a couple weeks back? Because I receive four papers everyone in my family was able to participate and I had no "but MOMMY I want my OWN piece of chicken!"

#9 Four sets of coupons means I can meet my family needs and stock up Because the grocery store works on approximately a 12 week sale cycle when I find a great deal I want to stock up to try and have it last until it goes on sale again. Having four sets of coupons to match to the sales means even sweeter deals that will help me buy enough to stock up for my family of 4 for 12 weeks and spend the least amount of money possible! Did I mention I love great deals?

#10 Using Grocery Smarts and the 5 minute method for organizing my coupons makes everything so SIMPLE Having all these coupons means that I better have a good method for matching them up to store sales and getting them organized and I DO!! It takes 5 minutes or less for me to pull my coupons out of the Sunday paper, mark them with date, put them in a sheet protector and file them away. No hours of cutting and clipping for me! The Grocery Smarts website does the rest of the work for me by matching my coupons up to store sales!

These are my current top 10 reasons why I love my 4 Sunday only papers. If you are already receiving the paper I'd love to hear what your favorite thing about it is. If you aren't and need coupons call me and I can set you up with a great price on the SUNDAY ONLY paper!

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