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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Andrea left an awesome comment on my post "Want more Coupons and Rebates?"
She said:
"I haven't tried it yet, but I hear Target is doing their $5 gift card deal with the purchase of two Swiffer products. Wednesday I plan to purchase six refills to maximize the rebate and get $15 in gift cards. I found it on this blog: http://attentiontargetshoppers.blogspot.com/2009/05/swiffer-refill-deal-w-rebate-at-target.html"

Thanks Andrea! If you haven't used your gift cards from the fiber one deal last week this could be a way to "roll" your entire transaction and possibly walk away with FREE swiffer refils. I'm going to target today after a class I'm teaching and I'll let you know if it works because your purchase reciept has to be marked 5/15 or sooner (that's tomorrow!)

Once you've bought all your refills download the swiffer rebate form here and mail it in with your receipts and UPC bar codes by May 30.

Tip: "rolling" is a couponers term for splitting your purchase into multiple transaction so you can use your rewards earned from the previous purchase towards your next purchase.

UPDATE: I just went to target and there is a swiffer deal going on for the wet mop and dry sweeper and the products associated with them. Doesn't help me because I only use the swiffer wet jet but if you use either of the other ones participating the promotion does work.

1 comment:

Andrea Wedewer said...

This Swiffer deal didn't work out for me in the end, either. I too use a wetjet and those refills were not part of the special. But what a killer deal for those who use the sweepers!