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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rain Check

Have you ever gone to the store and something (or multiple things) on your list are already out of stock? It can be very frustrating! Well don't get upset because you can ask the store for a rain check. Have no clue what I am talking about? A rain check is a voucher for the item or items that the store is out of at the time you went shoping at the current weeks sale price. So there doesn't need to be any running back and forth in one week hoping the store has restocked because you really, really want your free McCormick seasoning and Angel Soft toielt paper for only $.50. Just get a rain check (like I did this week) and use it the next time you go shopping at that store.
Rain checks are good for 30 days and if I have a coupon to pair with it I paper clip it to the rain check. I file my rain checks and extra loose coupons in a small coupon organizer like this one and carry it in my purse. You can occasionally find them in the Target dollar spot or for less than five dollars in office supply sections of stores. I have one section for Smith's, Albertsons, CVS and Walgreens, I also have two general sections for loose food and other coupons that I find. I file my rain checks by store. If I get catalinas (coupons specific to a store that print at the register) I file them in here as well. Just make sure you use your rain check before it OR your coupon expires!

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