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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sad News

Double coupons are not working at K-mart. I spoke to a manager to see if they knew why and they don't. They know they are on the list for double coupons but their system isn't doubling coupons like it should. I wrote to customer service to see if the problem will be fixed so we'll see. Sad news, I'll let you know any updates I get.


Becky said...

Thanks Nancy! I need to blog about it now too. I hope they fix it!

Jenerfer said...

Hi there! Did you ever hear back from customer service or the manager? I emailed customer service last week and confirmed that the location on Eastern was participating, and was so sad to see your post! I live by Aliante so I am glad that I read your blog before I made the trip! Thanks!

lvsavingmadesimple said...

I did hear back just yesterday. No one is exactly sure why it didn't work because they were officially on the list. The best guess is that their computer system is in the middle of being changed because they are no longer going to be a grocery center. So it will not be fixed and they apologized for the error. I still plan on going and taking advantage of the Kelloggs deal tomorrow : )