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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How far can a $25 gift card take you in CVS?

Yippy the CVS lists is up and going! I am so excited!!! I love CVS because I am able to get so many great deals there and I have one right across the street from the Vons by my house (see why these new lists are just making me giddy?) The picture above is everything I bought at CVS today for FREE! (I'll tell you how at the end of the post)

To be a great CVS shopper takes a little practice and patient. CVS does several monthly/weekly deals that earn you "ECB's" or extra care bucks. ECB's is really just a fancy way of saying store vouchers. To have your money go the farthest at CVS you are going to want to "roll" your transactions. That means you split your purchases up and use vouchers earned from your first purchase to pay for your second. If you are new to CVS'ing start small or you will end up frustrated. I teach how to best tackle CVS (and Walgreens) during my advanced class. Interested? Host a class and have 12 or more new moms attend and you and one friend will receive an invite to my advanced class.
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Ok, Ok... so how did I buy all of the stuff in the picture above for FREE? Here's the simplified version:

1) I filled a new prescription with CVS and recived a free $25 gift card to CVS using a coupon that has been wrapped around the last two weeks CVS adds in the news paper.
if you need/want one of these let me know I have lots that I don't need!

2) I made my shopping list to CVS using:
*the new list on grocery smarts
*extra deals I found on a couple of my favorite sites money saving mom & deal seeking mom

3) I split my list into several transactions to maximize my savings

4) I payed using ECB's I earned in the beginning of April and my gift card to pay for all of my transactions.

I bought $122.68 worth of products for FREE and I still have $5.66 left on my gift card and 5 extra ECB's for my next trip. Isn't CVS amazing?!? Book a class and have 12 people attend and I will help you get on the path to becoming an AWESOME CVS shopper.

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