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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can you find the best coupon I've ever heard of?

Old Navy currently has a coupon hunt that has one of the best coupons I have seriously ever heard of. How would you like a coupon for $75 off your purchase of $100 at old Navy? me, Me, ME!!!!! I do, I do, I do!! I seriously need shorts. After happily loosing 30lbs since last summer I have no shorts left for this summer and am desperate for some new ones because we all know that you can't live through a summer here in jeans! Anyways...

Oldnavyweekly.com has a coupon hunt and every Thursday (today) at no particular time the site is refreshed. Each week the site is refreshed the monster coupon is too. The catch is you have to search for it for clicking on silly things on the site. Last week the coupon was apparently a bouncing ball that appeared quickly and then went away for 5 minutes. The "big one" goes really fast but if you are lucky you may get it. (I really hope I get it this week) There are other great coupons to be found as well so head on over and see if you are the super coupon hunter this week : )

While the site has no particular time to reset I think it refreshes later in the day/evening and you can tell it reset by looking at the scrolling coupon bar at the top. When it stops saying "To Late. Check back next week" you know it has been reset. Leave me a comment on how you do.

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