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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Albertsons 8 hour Sale & Why it pays off to know your add

This is my bounty from the 8 hour sale today!

Total Value: $120.77
Store Savings: $69.59
Coupon Savings: $16.00
Total Out of Pocket: $35.18
Savings Percentage: 71%

*Earned an additional $.05 off up to 20 gallons of gas
*Code for 2 free movie tickets valued up to $24.00!

It really does pay off to know your add. I went to the sale today to shop both the 8 hour sale and the movie ticket promotion. I doubled checked everything before I checked out to make sure I had the right items and size. It was a good thing I did because I realized that I had the wrong size Mini-wheats in my cart! After fixing my error I went and checked out and...no movie voucher printed. Umm... now what? Well I told the cashier and she asked me to go to customer service and sort it out. I knew I had the correct items I just wasn't sure why the voucher didn't print. I was able to go to the customer service desk with confidence because I knew the add and exact terms of the promotion. Turns out what happened is my cashier hadn't charged me for one of my rice krispy treat boxes so the system only saw that I bought 9 items not 10. The store manager helped correct the problem and I went home with all my groceries paid for and my free movie tickets voucher. It ALWAYS pays off to know the add and be PATIENT.


Sheri said...

Almost every time I've gone to Albertson's something like this has happened. Either they don't end up giving me the promotion (and act like I'm a jerk for asking why) or they are out of half of the things I needed to buy to make the promotion work. The difference between your experience and mine is that someone was willing to help you sort things out! All I ever get is a "Tough luck. Too bad. Go away."

lvsavingmadesimple said...

I'm sorry about that Sheri! If you ever have a problem or a cashier is being rude ask for a manager. Sometimes what helps when I have a problem is I offer to wait until the cashier has finished with the customers behind me in line. That seems to soften them and they are more willing to work with me. Also you can offer to go to customer service and have them help you sort out the problem. I know how frustrating it can be when shopping trips don't go the way you plan. Keep at it though because it is still worth it!