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Monday, March 16, 2009

What does it mean when the promo add says "one per costomer?"

I've been asked this several times and have assumed that it meant you can only do the promotion once and since you have to use your store card to do the promotion it would track it by your card. (so if you tried to do it again the promotion wouldn't work because the system would read that your card had already received the promotion) Well I was right and wrong:

I was out shopping late one night after my girls went to bed and my husband could stay home with them and ended up asking the Albertsons store clerk and manager exactly what it meant when a store promotion said "one per customer." They told me it means that you can only do the promotion once every 24 hours! So I was right that it is tracked by your card BUT you can do the promotion more than once, it just can't be done in the same 24 hours. (so, if you want to roll your transactions and shop the promo more than once you are going to have to waite at least 24 hours for your card to reset and the promotion to work again)

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