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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vons on Russell and Pecos take II

I had been planing on going to Albertsons today but this going out of business sale was just to good of a potential deal for me to pass by so I set aside my Albertsons list for tomorrow or this weekend and I spent some time getting ready during my baby's nap by:

1) printing off coupons from list A and B on Grocery Smarts that I thought could possibly be a good deal (I would check at the store)
2) printed an abbreviated list of the alphabetical coupon index to take along with my coupon binder and reference any coupons I had received in the mail or newspaper
3) printed a list of e-coupons that I had previously loaded to my Vons card

When my little one woke up off we went to the store. The store was so busy you had to hunt down a person leaving and ask them for their cart and that made me nervous to even try but I did and WOW was it worth it!This is everything I bought (minus two ring pops I let my girls eat while we waited in line to check out) The way the sale works is once the cashier rings all of your items up they will then take 50% off the price. The tags up in the store are the price BEFORE the 50% off. You are allowed to use your manufactor coupons on top of this 50 %
How'd I do?
Total Value Purchased: $211.47
50% off Savings: $82.49
Additional Club Card Savings: $43.17
Manufactour Coupon Savings: $46.30
Total Out of Pocket: $39.51
Percent Saved: 83%
Average Price per item: $0.52

If you want to try this be careful because Vons is a very expensive name brand store so make sure your price is really a good deal. Bring a calculator if you have a hard time figuring out the price in your head also be patient because the store has been shopped ALOT today already ; )

Did you shop this sale too? I'd love to see how you did too! Post a comment or send me a picture.

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