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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun Crafting Tips

I enjoy buying my craft projects from JoAnn's and Micheals. Recieving multiple Sunday papers also means that you will recieve multiple 40% one item at both stores. You are typically only allowed to use one coupon per day BUT JoAnn's and Micheals do accept eachothers coupons. If you use 1 JoAnn's coupon AND 1 Micheals coupon at either store you will be able to use TWO coupons in ONE transaction! This just makes my day because I can get two great deals without having to travel back and forth to the store!

Also as a fun side note: My girls love to pick up random things off the floor stores (the people in clothing stores love us because my girls will collect all the hangers on the floor for them!) One day while we were at one of the craft stores my oldest started collecting all the random flowers that had fallen down. When we were checking out and she handed them back to the cashier the manager told us that we could keep them because the flowers and leaves that fall on the floor are just swept up and thrown away each day. Since then my girls have made a game of finding the "floor flowers". We always ask before we leave if we can have them and I watch my girls carefully to make sure they really are picking up the "floor flowers" that have become separted from their bunch. We have never been turned down and these "floor flowers" have made great creativity projects for my girls.

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