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Friday, March 6, 2009

Do you have to shop multiple stores?

No you do not have to shop multiple stores to save money, however it is often worth the gas to shop multiple stores. You will save more it just depends on how much time you have. I value my time very highly so for me to shop multiple stores there has to be OUTSTANDING deals on things that I could use to stock up on.

That said here is my support for shopping multiple stores: Last week all I bought was milk (I didn't need anything, it was WONDERFUL!), so this week I had extra wiggle room in my budget and there were some great deals in multiple locations I decided to shop.This is everything I bought from 3-2 to 3/6
Notice that I bought things from almost every household category. On the right hand side I have all the cleaning, bath and toiletry products and on the right I have all my fresh produce, snacks etc. (basically edible products)
Total Value: 164.61
Total Savings (coupons and sales): 125.96
Total Spent: 38.65
Number of locations shopped: 4
Percentage Saved: 77%!
This week it was totally worth the extra effort and time to shop 4 stores instead of just 1 but NO, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO, you will start saving money and stocking up your pantry just by using the grocery smarts lists and only shopping one or two locations.

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