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Saturday, March 7, 2009

You can use coupons for ANYTHING!

As you start to use your coupons you will learn to apply the rule of using a coupon at the right time for many things in your life. This past week was my sweet little baby's third birthday and I signed her up for a free birthday creation from Cold Stone. Of course if we go to Cold Stone there is no way we would be able to walk out with just her ice cream because my oldest would pitch a fit and being completely honest, my husband and I want one too : ) Cold Stone is in no way discount ice cream but I'll tell you how we went and didn't spend any money and we got 3 ice cream costume creations. I have your attention now don't I?

Alright that's not completely fair because had we not received a very fun gift card from a friend this Christmas to cold stone we still would have paid BUT I did save money using coupons which will allow us to do this again when my oldest daughters birthday comes in three week and here's how:
1) I printed the free birthday voucher

2) Using the Alphabetical Coupon Index I looked up RESTAURANT Cold Stone coupons

3) I clipped a 2 for $5 coupon from my RP (red plum) 2/8
4) We bought 3 costume creations that would have normally cost $10.19 for only $6.45
yes that is still a lot for ice cream but keep in mind that using coupons we saved 37% and since we had a gift card it cost us nothing out of pocket and we have enough left on the card so that when my oldest's birthday gets here in 3 weeks we can do the same thing again and not have spent any of our own money. I think that is GREAT!!

Happy Birthday little one!

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