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Friday, February 20, 2009

When will I break even?

Buying multiple papers is wonderful but when will you break even for the cost compared to the amount of coupons used? I think everyone is different but VERY QUICKLY if you use grocery smarts. Big promos that Smiths and Albertsons do help you break even very quickly. For example: During Albertsons General Mills promotion week from 2-18 to 2-24 I used $26.35 just from coupons I cliped from my SS inserts (smart source in the Sunday paper) and those coupons earned me an additional $65 in manufactor coupons. So in just one shoping trip my Sunday papers let me use $91.35 worth of coupons.

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Ashby Family said...

If you also look at your savings each trip and count that, in just savings a lone, if you are truly using the lists, should recoup the cost of the news paper in just a few weeks.