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Friday, February 20, 2009

Albertsons Tip and when to shop a big Promotion Week

Albertsons tip: Ask your local Albertsons store when they get shipments in. Knowing this will help you know the best times to shop and not be limited in what is left on the shelves.

So knowing this, the best time to shop a BIG PROMOTION week at Albertsons is first thing Wednesday morning to early afternoon (the frist day of the new sales) and the morning to early afternoon the day after a shipment is recieved. Why the day after? Most stores waite until the late night shifts to restock the shelves so going the day after shipment means the shelves should have been stocked the night before. If you wait or go on an off shipment day you might be disappointed in what you can find on the shelves. (especially in areas where lots of us are smart shoppers) In general it is always best to shop the begining of a sale instead of the end.

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