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Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you really buy stuff you would normally buy or do you buy stuff just because it is on sale?

This is a very valid question and I'm sure a lot of us might know some one who shops coupons and buys stuff just because they have the coupon or its on sale. My advice: NEVER BUY SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE IT IS ON SALE! I was a generic brand shopper before grocery smarts. I'd never buy name brand unless I knew that the name brand taste better, preformed better or most important cost less (and it would have to be A LOT better if I was going to pay extra, so not much fell into that category) Remember we are SMART SHOPPERS our money is important to us and we are not going to waste it on something we normally wouldn't buy or use. Now if you happen upon a sale item that you wouldn't normally purchase only buy it if it is FREE after the sale and coupon. Free never hurts. The only other time I would say go ahead and buy something you normally wouldn't is if it is under $.50 and is something you have been wanting to try (and don't stock up on it just buy 1!)

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