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Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome To Grocery Smarts!

Welcome to Grocery Smarts! I'm Nancy and I LOVE this program because it is simple to learn how to save. Here at lv saving made simple I'll provided helpful hints, tips and successful shopping experiences to help you see how you can use grocery smarts to help you and your family meet your household needs for less money and huge savings (plus it truly is simple once you understand how to use Grocery Smarts). Here are some beginning tips:

#1) Stop cutting up or throwing away your coupons that come in the mail and news paper

Start saving them whole

#2) Properly date and file inserts. How?

The dates will always be Sundays. The inserts found in your Review Journal newspaper you date the day you receive them. Inserts sent in the mail you date for the next Sunday. My coupons sent by mail typically arrive on Tuesdays with the upcoming grocery store adds. So for example if I received a Red Plum (RP) on Tuesday February 10 I would date it 2/15 (Sunday February 15) If you ever are wondering what to date an insert look on the spine and the correct date should be listed towards the top of the spine.

To start all you need is page protectors. A folder is also helpful but if you don't have one its ok to start without it. When I started I had a spare drawer in my kitchen that I used to file my coupns. Date your inserts and have one sheet protector per date.

Want to learn more? Book a class with me and I'll you and your guests learn how to be smart shoppers and start saving BIG. Click here to learn about some incentives to hosting a class in your home.

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