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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Shopping List for 2/20

Have you ever wondered what other peoples shopping list look like?  Here is a look at my list that I used this week to go shopping on Saturday @ Vons.  To see my list better just click on the image.  I'd like to point out a couple things on my list:

1)  If you haven't noticed the top of every grocery store's list starts with the fresh produce on sale that week.  I tell people not to be scared of three star items and if you notice all of my produce items at the top are ***.  I do have an opinion about that though for this week: I think all of these 3 star items for the season we are in are actually 4 or 5 stars.  (especially 2lbs of carrots for .99!)

2)  Vons is running a P&G promo that they didn't print what items are included in the sale or the prices.  When I went to the store I took my current PG inserts and asked for a list of the participating items.  I ended up with some great deals but it was a BIG pain to shop the promo and my $10 didn't print so I had to go to customer service and they refunded me $10 cash for each of my promotion transactions.  If you are up for an adventure like that try shopping the promo but otherwise I'd just let it go.  I promise more promotions will come around.  They always do ; )

3)  Except for the items that were only on sale Saturday & Sunday everything else is still on sale through Tuesday.

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