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Friday, February 26, 2010

End of the Month Budget Advice

Its the end of the month.  How is your budget going?  The last week of the month can be a little rough if your cash is running low.  Here is my advice:  PRIORITIZE your list.  We have had some great sales weeks over the last month.  You should be pretty well stocked up and saved  A LOT of money if you have been shopping smart.  If your cash is low and you need to go shopping buy only what you really need and will benifit your family the most. 

We have had two extra adults to feed during January and February and to stay in our $350 budget I have had to prioritize like crazy and guess what, I HAVE.  We've had 4 adults and two kids in our household and $350 has still worked out just fine.  I've had to give up a few extra snacks in trade for things like toilet paper and laundry detergent but that's ok.  Now that its the last couple days of February I only have about $25 left and we are running low on a few things.  I looked through all the lists this week and while Albertsons has a great promotion running, a lot of the 4 and 5 star items are NOT things that I NEED to feed a household of 6.  Smith's has what I NEED on sale this week, meat : )  I just used up my last bag of chicken breast and they are on sale this week so that's where I am headed.  Here is my grocery list for this week: chicken, roast, bread and milk.  I should be able to squeez all that into my last $25.

I'd like to do more personal advice posts over the next month.  Is there anything you would like me to write about?  Leave me a comment and I'll try to get a post in that answers your question(s).

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