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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grocery Smarts List Updates

I'm excited about a new change that is in place for lists and the printable coupons found on the Grocery Smarts Website.

I've always hated printing printable coupons before I knew if I'd use them on an upcoming sale because if the coupon "diapered" and that item went on sale the coupon wouldn't be matched in the list because only active/available coupons were put into the grocery smarts weekly lists and I'd have to remeber that I had a coupon for that product. Well that worry is now gone because the coupon system that Grocery Smarts List Makers use has a had some adjusting done and now if you see a coupon appear in Group A, B or C that you think you would like and often is only available to print for a few days (or hours for some of the most popular ones!) you can go ahead and print them AND the best part, even if that coupon disappears it will still be matched in the weekly lists!

You will have to keep track of if you have printed them or not but here's a trick to helping you with that:
All printable coupons will have a either the words active or disappeared in ( ) and a date at the end of the coupon description. If the coupon is "(active)" than a link will be provided for you to click on and print like normal. If the coupon has "(disappeared)" than the link won't be available (because you can't print the coupon anymore) but you can use the date to help find if you printed the coupon before it disappeared. The date at the end of the coupon refers to when the coupon appeared. So if the date is 01/01 than the coupon became available for printing on January 1.

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