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Monday, November 2, 2009

Checking In

Its the start of a new month and its been awhile since I gave you a monthly savings report. So here's what happened in our house during the month of October with our grocery and household item purchases:

Total Value: $858.12
Total Saved: $498.86
Total Spent: $359.26
I also kept track of all the Manufacturers Coupons I used this month and that total was $94.20!! (I love my coupons!!!!)
If you aren't familiar with my household budget we a lot $350 a month for groceries and all other household items (that's toilet paper, cleaning products, girly stuff : ), etc.) We just barely went over our budget by $9 for October. Oh NO! Just kidding, but I don't mind too much because my last shopping trip at Smith's is included some gifts AND October 16'th was Justin's 30'th birthday and we bought one of those huge Costco cakes and had lots of friends over to celebrate and that purchase went into this budget too.

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