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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smith's Mega Savings Event

I spent $87.50 and saved $155.59!
It makes me laugh, but I was kind of freaking out when I went to check out because my cart was overflowing and I was afraid that my bill would be too high even though I had already done all my math. It wasn't and once again my cashier was amazed at what I was able to do and asked for my card. I had so much stuff that split my display pictures up and added a few tips and pointer underneath each:

Tip: Kellogg's Apple Jacks w/ Fiber are part of the Mega Event. My smith's had $1/1 "blinkie" coupons (the ones that you can pull out of the little machines on the isles) making those big boxes of Apple Jacks only $.99!
Advice: Price for me is the bottom line. Heinz Ketchup is part of the mega event but when I got to the store I realised that the same size Kroger brand was on sale too for less than the Heniz and so I scratched the Heniz off my list and got the Kroger brand.

Family Tradition: A family tradition I started during the holidays is to give a box of hot chocolate to our friends and neighbors. The Swiss Miss chocolate is part of the mega event and is only $.50! I use to end up buying the boxes for $1 and its not the Swiss brand its a generic brand.

Holiday Baking: I was excited to see the carnation milk in the mega event. Its a perfect stock up opportunity for holiday baking and good food storage. The bark chocolate is a new favorite that is on sale at Smith's. Colette over at Shop Smart In Vegas posted some fun Halloween ideas that my kids and preschoolers have loved. She also in her post left a fun link to another blog with more chocolate ideas.


Presents on a Budget: While I was at Smith's they announced an hour long 75% off sale on a pile of books at the back of the store. I think books are a great present for any occasion (baby shower, birthday, Christmas etc.) so I went and looked at the pile and found a few that I liked. The most I paid for one of the books was $1.50 and the rest were $.50 or $.75. (I think my library fines for over due books is more than that and I never have to return these! : P )

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