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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday

Thursday ALL of the Black Friday adds will be delivered to you in a special Thanksgiving Day paper (its like a Sunday paper). Are you planning on going out there? Here's a couple of my thoughts on shopping Black Friday so you don't feel like the poor man up above.
1) KNOW YOUR BUDGET!!! (and stick to it)
2) Make a list and prioritize. There are TONS of fabulous deals especially in the early bird sales but even if its a fabulous price doesn't mean you need it or that you should go chase it down. So make your list of what you are looking for and prioritize what is most important to you.
3) Research. Do research on your "list" items. Figure out what an average price is so you can tell a great price in the adds.
4) For non big ticket items I've been told that Walgreens and CVS have some of the most fabulous Black Friday deals.
5) Don't forget to check your coupons!
Happy Shopping!
Don't want to go out into the maddness? Stay tuned tomorrow for my post on "Cyber Monday" where you can shop for great deals on line.

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