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Friday, September 11, 2009

Resturant.com 90% off discount code!!!

I was just forwarded an e-mail from Kathy letting me know that now through Sunday September 13 you can purchase gift certificates on restaurant.com for 90% off. Restaurant.com is a great way to dine out without breaking your budget to begin with. You can purchase certificates good for $25 for only $10 normally and with the 90% discount its now only $1! Just enter the discount code NINETY at check out.

Kathy wrote: "This is a great way to try out new restaurants or to go to some of your favorites without breaking the bank. I just purchased $295 worth of gift certificates for $12.50."

That's awesome Kathy. Thanks for the tip!!!

There are some restrictions with using the certificates like minimum purchase amounts and only one certificate per bill. Make sure you read the restaurants policy


Polly said...

In my area, all the restaurants require a minimum of $35-50 + 18% gratuity. When all is said and done, we would spend way more than we usually do when we go out. So even with 90% off, we've passed on this deal. Maybe the restaurants in our area will be a little less restrictive in the future and we'll use them. I hope....

lvsavingmadesimple said...

I know sometimes this works best if you are going out as a family.If we buy one of $25 gift cards with a $35 minimum for $1 and pay the 18% gratuity (that's $6.30 on a $35 bill) We end up paying $11 for the bill and 6.30 in tip. That's only $17 total for a night out at a restaurant with the family.