Jump Start Your Summer Savings

New to grocery smarts? The best way to jump start your savings is by hosting a FREE class! In your free class you'll learn how to use the free grocery smarts website, tips on how to save big at the store by combining coupons and sales, and if you need coupons I can help set you up with a sweet deal for the Sunday only paper! Contact me to book your class.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Host a Class

Top 5 Reasons You Should…
Host a Grocery Smarts Class!

1. You’ll get to attend a refresher class where you’ll be able
to pick up more tips for saving big!

2. Help your friends & family start saving money too!

3. You can earn a $20 gift card for free groceries if at
least 8 new ladies attend your class.

4. Your friends and family will be able to order discounted
newspapers PLUS can earn free groceries for setting up
their delivery at your class.

5. You can earn an invitation for you and 1 friend to attend
my “Advanced Couponing” class where you’ll learn more
tips and techniques to saving big at places like Target,
CVS and Walgreens. Plus, get my inside tips to saving
money in lots of other areas!
Call or e-mail me to reserve your date.
(702) 553-2080

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