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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Case Lot Sale

Tomorrow is the start of Smith's Case Lot Sale. A couple tips for shopping the case lot sale:

* You don't have to buy a whole case. If you go to where the item normally is in the store buy the items individually for the same price per item as in the case. Also doing this will let you use coupons when applicable.

* Libby's canned vegetables are part of the case lot sale for $.50 a can which is a good price BUT if you cut and saved the $1/3 Any Libby's canned vegetables coupons from the 8/23 Parade (that comes in the Sunday Paper) that I posted about here you can buy them for only $.17 a can!!!!

* Make sure that you buy items in quantities that you will use before they expire

* The cream of chicken seems to be one of the items that goes fastest so if you need that plan to head out to the sale ASAP.

* Always check the star ratings to make sure it is a good deal using the Smith's Grocery Smarts lists here
I just looked on pinching your pennies and it looks like the Smith's list will be delayed a little due to the holiday weekend. The list new list will be posted as soon as possible.

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