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Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas and Birthday Presents on a Budget

The best way to save money on anything is by looking ahead knowing your future needs and watching for sales. This goes for food, cleaning products, electronics, presents etc. Birthday and Christmas presents can cost a lot and take a large chunk out of our pockets but it doesn't have to if you use the principle of shopping ahead using sales to meet your future needs. I like to watch for sales after holidays particularly Easter. I like buying Easter baskets when they go on sale for 75-95% off. I pull the baskets apart and when birthday's come around we go shopping on my gift shelf. Also what I just recently discovered is July is Target's toy clearance month! Tons of toys are on sale and clearance stickers are everywhere. As the month goes by the clearance prices get better and better. My husband and I went by Target on Saturday and picked up several presents that will be perfect for our girls this Christmas. We bought everything for at least 50% off its original price. Happy Christmas Shopping in July!

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Sheri said...

Our target toy sales this month have been underwhelming. But I have found some great stuff online for Christmas gifts! I hope I can keep from giving the gifts to the kids early. It's so hard.