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Thursday, June 25, 2009

To Keep or Not to Keep...

A great question that I'm asked a lot is "Should I keep my weekly sales adds?" My answer: YES!

I think it is a great idea to hold onto your weekly sales adds that come in the mail for these reasons:
  • When a grocery smart list mentions an "in-add store coupon" that coupon is typically found in the add sent in the mail. (The sales adds at the front of the store often won't have the coupons so the only place to get the in-add coupons is in your mail)
  • Even though the grocery smart's lists include everything in the sales add it is nice to have the add to reference on occasion.
What should you do with your adds? I keep mine in a tray organizer right next to my fridge (picture above).

How long should I keep the adds? Just for the sales week. Once I get my new sales adds I take the old ones and move them to the recycle pile.

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