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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Late Night Shopping Trip

We've had a house full of sick kidos today so I had to waite to go shopping until 10pm . Nice thing about shopping so late is the store is really empty. My trip went even better than planned so I was thrilled! Here's what a picture of what I bought (excuse the mess it's been a long day):

Total Value: $183.17

Total Preferred Card Savings: $84.91

Total Coupons: $32.35

Total Out of Pockets: $65.91

Percentage Saved: 64%
It went better than I thought because I split my transaction up into three purchases with all my fresh produce and non-voucher earning purchases last. The thing that went well was in my first two transactions extra vouchers printed for fresh produce and meat (that I could use in my last order!) So I got an extra suprise $4 savings I was able to use immediately. I love when things go better than planned : ) Its not to late to shop this sale at Albertsons go here to make you own list. Happy Savings!

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