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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Minute Trip to Vons

Well life happens and again this month it was the last week of the month and due to hosting several events at my house my grocery and household items budget went a little over so I didn't even look at the lists for last sales week until yesterday (Tuesday the last day of the sale) since its now a new month and noticed that there were a few 4 and 5 star items that were on my "watch" list at Von's. Here's what I got and a transaction summary:

Total Value: $73.02

Club Card Savings: $33.27

Coupon Savings: $7.50

Total Saved: $40.77

Total Out of Pocket: $32.25

that's a 56% savings

Tip: My "watch" list are things that I am starting to run out of. I have a small board by my fridge that I write things that I notice I am almost out of so I can "watch" for them in the grocery smarts lists. Knowing what things I need to be looking for helps me stay on budget (because I am watching for good sales prices BEFORE I am out) and keep my pantry stocked.

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