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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super Saturday Shopping

I've been trying to find time since Wednesday to hit the stores and today I finally got the chance. After looking at all the lists I decided to go to both Smith's and Albertsons. I am hosting a baby shower/farewell open house this week so I bought a little extra to help get ready for that. It took about an hour for me to prepare my list and clip my coupons and then another hour to shop both stores. Here's what my trip looked like when I got home:

The breakdown:
Total Value: $201.33
Total Savings from coupons: $39.14
Total Overal Savings: $109.67
Total Out of Pocket: $91.66
Percentage saved: 54%

One thing to note in the savings is that Smith's doesn't show you how much you'ved saved on produce. For example the water mellon I bought was $.19 per lb, a great deal! But... it doesn't show up as any savings on my reciept. So if you are getting frustrated when you shop at Smith's because your percentage saved doesn't seem right it might be because you are saving a TON on your produce but Smith's computer system doesn't recognize that. Had my Smith's reciept reflected the great deals I got on my produce items my savings probably would have been around 60% today.

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