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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I love helping others learn how to shop smart and save. Grocery Smarts is hard for me to not be excited about and I LOVE when I hear from those of you out there who are doing such a great job. Yesterday when I was checking my e-mail I noticed this e-mail from Judy:

So to those of you doing grocerysmarts and to those of you that have not jumped on the bandwagon I wanted to share the good sale I got last week. These items will be on sale again in about 12 weeks if you did not get the good deals this time. I shopped three stores this week because there was a few items at each store I could not pass up. I got it all done in about 1 1/2 hours including drive time and I did not do it all in one night. I only bought dressing at vons and I got dressing, miracle whip, pasta sauce and great produce deals at smiths. Most of my shopping was done at Albertson's and I was really excited to get the london broil for 1.99 a lb. I marinated and grilled up a pound of it and served it over salad. My kids loved it and devoured the whole thing! I only got a few pieces. My mom cut it into cubes, marinated it and made shishkebobs. They were a huge hit at our memorial day bbq. I went back Tuesday night and bought 9 more pounds to freeze and enjoy all summer long. So here are some of the items I purchased and what I paid for them. I also added totals at the bottom.Judy

Item purchased price I paid
*Crystal light on the go 10pk 2.00
*Crystal light essentials on the go 10 pk free! I had two coupons so I got two freeKen's salad dressings
*1.00Kraft bbq sauce free! again two coupons two bottles free.
mccormick grill mates marinades .17
nabisco honey maid grahams 1.50
nabisco triscuit crackers .67
nabisco wheat thins .67
breyers icecream 1.50
bertolli pasta sauce .67
miracle whip 32oz 1.49
kraft salad dressing .69 at smiths and .33 at vons
bar s bacon 2.00
tombstone pizza 2.13
London Broil steak 1.99 per lb.

total value if products were purchased at regular price 171.00
total savings with products on sale and coupons 131.00
actual amound paid 40.00

Thanks for sharing Judy! That is AMAZING savings!!!

Do you have a savings trip you'd like to share? I love posting what you guys are doing to shop smart and save.

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