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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shh, its a secret...DOUBLE COUPON DAYS ARE COMING! : )

From 4/19 -4/25 select K-Mart locations across the United States will be participating in double coupons. I e-mail K-mart costumer service to see if any of our local stores will be participating and the answer: ONE store in Nevada will be participating, the Super K-Mart in Henderson. HORRAY we actually have a store participating! (this is an unadvertised event here since it is only at one location but it has been confirmed by K-mart cutomer service) If you don't understand why this is so exciting let me explain. During double coupon days K-mart will take the face value of your coupon and double it. So if I have $1/1 coupon it doubles into $2/1. Cool huh? There are a couple rules to follow:
1) There are limits on the amount they will double. Coupons with a face value of up to $2 will be doubled making a potential savings of up to $4 per coupon.
2) You can only get off up to the value of the item, so if soap cost $3.50 and doubling your coupon adds up to $4 you will ONLY get $3.50 off. (no money making just lots of free and cheap stuff : ) )
3) You can only use 25 coupons a day

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