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Saturday, April 25, 2009

BIG Vons news!

Have you checked the store list on grocery smarts recently? The Vons list is up and running!!! Horray!!!!!!!!

Another BIG Vons announcement that I can't believe I missed is the Living Well promo running until May 5. When you buy $30 worth or participating items (there are 3000 of them!) you earn a $10 voucher off your next purchase. There are no limits on this so you can "roll" your transactions (split them up so you can do the promotion more than once during your shopping trip and use the voucher from your previous purchase to help pay for the second, third etc.) A big, Big, BIG thanks to Lisa for posting about this on her blog. Go here to read her post and see links that connect to deal match ups for this sale. I shopped this sale this afternoon and plan to go back and do it again. Here is a picture of my trip today:
Break Down:
Total Value: $106.08
Club Card Savings: $54.11
Coupon Savings: $25.00
Total Out of Pocket: $26.97
Percentage Saved: 75%

*$.10 off gas (I don't know where I could redeem this yet)
*$10 voucher for the next time I shop

Some of my favorites from this sale are the electrosol that after sale, promotion and coupon were only $.17 (we all got $2.50/1 coupons in the SS 4/19)!!! And the Healthy Choice Steemers for only $.50 (at the Albertsons ConAgra promotion this week they are $.70 so this is an even SWEETER deal) There are $1/2 in the SS 4/5 and printable ones available.

UPDATE 4/26: Some of the deals that are part of the Living Well promotion are being listed and matched up with coupons on the gs Vons list. Oh I am so happy to have the list up and going!! : ) Go make your lists and happy vons shopping!

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Sarah Kay said...

I just heard about the Electrosol being part of the Living Well promo, so I updated the Grocery Smarts list. Thanks! Find anymore, make sure to let us know!