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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Albertsons Day 1

There is a great sale this week at Albertsons: **Albertsons ConAgra promo: Spend $25 on participating products, get a checkout voucher worth $10 off your NEXT shopping order (It prints after you pay). Limit: 1 voucher per customer**

With this sale you are only allowed 1 voucher per day. You can shop the sale more than once but it needs to be at least 24 hours after your previous purchase. I don't like to go to the store more than once a week but when there is a sale that will allow me to stock up on some things that I like I will. I don't know how many times I will make it to this sale (I'm hoping at least 2 more times) but here is what I did today:
Total Value: $107.67
Preferred Card and Price Cut Savings: $46.41
Coupon Savings: $25.75
Total Out of Pocket: $35.51
Percent Saved: 67%
Total Items Purchased: 40
Average per item: $0.89

Today was the first day of the sale and it will continue through next Tuesday. There is still LOTS of time to save big and stock up! Go make your list here! If you have any questions or need help making your list call or e-mail me at any time. I really don't mind : )

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