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Monday, March 23, 2009

Success at Albertsons and Extra Promos to help you save money

I used to hardly ever shop at Albertsons before I became a smart shopper but now Albertsons has become one of my favorite places to stock up and find great deals. This past week was another good week at Albertsons for my family and I. We had friends in town so one of those racks of ribs went right to good use.
Trip Summary:
Total Value: $166.37
Preferred Card and Bonus Buy Savings: $99.80
Manufactor Coupon Savings: $29.00
Total Savings: $128.80
Total Spent: $37.57
Percentage Saved: 77%
Total # of items purchased: 29
Average price per item: $1.30

Tip: Albertsons is currently running three promotions that can help you save even more money.
1) During this sales week you earn double gas rewards. For every $50 worth of groceries you purchase you will get $.10 off up to 20 gallons of Albertsons gas. So for example my purchase this week earned me $.30 off up to 20 gallons of gas.
2) When you go and buy your Albertsons gas, if you buy 8 gallons or more and take your receipt inside to the station clerk you will get a free red box movie code.
3) If you buy an Albertsons store gift card worth $250 they will load it with $270
If you buy an Albertsons store gift card worth $300 they will load it with $330
(If you load the card with $300 you will have $330 to shop with giving you an atomatic 10% savings each time you shop with the card)

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