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Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 Minutes of planning to help your shopping trip go smoothly

Stores often do promotions where you buy either a certain amount or value of participating items and get money back at the register. These promos can really be used to boost your savings if you take a few minutes and plan ahead. Smith's had this sale in February where for every 10 participating items you buy you get $3 off at check out essentially taking an additional $.30 of each item. The trick is making sure when you go you have already figured out how many of each item you are going to purchase so you get the money back and aren't constantly counting to see if you've got the right amount. If you are shopping a sale like this it does not benefit you to buy 9 or 11 items you want to have exact increments of 10. Here are 2 steps to make this process easy and be non-time consuming:
#1) Pick your items

  • Go to grocery smarts list and start
  • Look through all the items that are part of the promotion and decided which ones you'd like to purchase
  • Shrink your list and print

#2) Amounts

  • Decided how many of each item on your shopping list to buy so that you will have exact increments of 10 and write the quantity next to the item on your list. (in the picture above the 2 banquet meals, 2 Betty Crocker fruit snacks, 4 Lucky Charms and 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch were my 10 items. 2+2+4+2=10)

Now all you have to do is clip any coupons needed and head out to the store. Your trip should go smoothly because you already know exactly what you are getting and don't need to keep counting how many items you have in your cart.

How did I do at this sale?

Total Value: $60.63

Fresh Values Savings: $27.12

Manufacture Coupon Savings: $8.85

Total Spent: $24.66

Total Savings: 59%

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