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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nice Extras

When I was a kid I loved when my mom would buy the ceral boxes that had the prizes in them. With the recent cereal sales at both Smith's and Albertsons I've purchased a lot of cereal boxes that have fun little lego race cars in them. My girls love them but today I got to also use them as part of my R week in preschool. I've purchased enough cereal with the cars in it that I was able to give every preschooler their own little car to "race" around. Lots of fun and I did it all shoping smart! (It seems the longer I shop smart the more "nice extras" I find)

Another AWESOME extra is that a lot of the products purchased using coupons are box top items. Don't forget to save your box tops and turn them into your local schools. Now your smart shopping is not only benifitting your family but your schools too! Can saving get any better!?!

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