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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What to do with your newspapers

I've heard a lot of people hesitate to get the paper because what on earth are they going to do with it after they get the coupons out?  Good question and there are LOTS of answers.  Here are some of my favorite solutions to do with your old papers:

1) Recycle them! 

In most areas in Vegas and Henderson it doesn't cost anything to add recycling to your trash pick up.  Just call republic services and request the the recycling bins.  Call 702-735-5151.

2) Save a few for Cleaning

Using newspaper to help shine your mirrors and windows works better than paper towels and is cheaper : )

3) Wrapping Paper
I think especially using the funnies section as wrapping paper is a genius fun idea for wrapping paper!

What do you like to use your papers for after you get the coupons out, (because I know that's your favorite part of the paper ; ) )


Anonymous said...

I take all of my newspapers and other papers to the local recycling center where they pay for paper by the pound. It is a nice way to recoup some of the money that is spent on the subscription. The money from our recycling is deposited into our kid's savings accounts.

lvsavingmadesimple said...

Nice! Where is the recycle center?

Brianna said...

Use them as packaging fillers in boxes!