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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wal-Mart Price Matching

Do you like price matching at Wal-Mart?  Did you know that grocery smarts can make price matching VERY easy?  Here's how:

1) Go to Nevada's Grocery Smarts home page here and select the All in One List.
2) Click start, (this will shade all the lines gray).  Click the items that you would like to price match.  (remember 4 and 5 star items are the best deals of the week and appear in red like this *****.)  Also make sure you click the store name.  Than you have the prices in one place and if the cashier needs the add you know exactly which stores add to grab. 
3) Once you are happy with your list hit shrink in the upper right hand corner (its in red).  This will shrink in your list down to just the items you've selected.  Click Print Now and there's your list all ready for you to take and price match.  Don't forget your coupons that match up to the sales items, they are listed in the 4'th column : )

A few last suggestions for making your price matching trip a success:

  • Walmart will only price match regular sale items that appear in a stores regular weekly circular.  They will not price match promotions like buy 5 save $5.

  • There price matching policy says you need to have the add to back up the price match.  They won't always ask you for this especially if they can see you have your official grocery smarts list but to make things go faster if they do I recommend after selecting your items that you circle them in your add just in case you have to show your add.

  • Be patient.  Some cashiers are better at price matching than others

  • Be courteous to shoppers behind you and warn them if you are going to be price matching several items.
Questions?  Please feel free to call or e-mail me.

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