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Monday, May 24, 2010

Water Tips

With summer upon us water becomes very important here in the desert. It helps keep us cool, it keeps all the plants from dieing and turning brown, and we need it to stay hydrated. As you all know water is one of the things we just can not live without. Because of this I want to give you a couple of my tips on 24 packs of water bottles since on sale at Smith's right now for A GREAT price : )

1) During the summer I like to keep a 24 pack of water in the back of each of my cars. This is just in case of an emergency such as my car breaking down and being stuck out in the hot sun with my kids (which has happened and thank heavens we had water!)

2) Its a very good idea to have 72 hour (3 day) emergency kits. One thing many of us forget to included in these are enough water. A 24 pack of water is the perfect amount for one person for 72 hours. I try to make sure, especially during the summer, that I always have 4, 24 packs of water on hand, one for each member of my family. I store them stacked, in the my garage, on top of a special shelf my husband made (because water should not just sit directly on top of concrete).

3) My price point for 24 pack of water is $2.50 or less. Smith's has Nestle pure life water 24 packs on sale right now for $2.99. If you buy 4 packs of water you will get a $5 voucher to use off you next purchase and there is a coupon for $1/2 in the RP-4/11. After the promotion and coupon it only costs $1.24 a pack!! You still have today and tomorrow to go snatch these up.

Advance Tip: Split your Smith's transaction up into two purchases. FIRST transaction: buy your water and get the $5 voucher. SECOND transaction: buy everything else on your list and USE the $5 voucher to help pay for it.

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