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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smart Shoppers Pay Attention

Part of being a smart shopper is paying attention. Smart shoppers pay attention to:

*The Sales- The best way to do this is by using grocery smarts' lists to quickly see what the best sales are! Go here to see this week's sales lists.

*Clearance Deals- if you keep your eyes open for clearance deals you can normally find some SWEET deals out there. Clearance sections are normally found at the back of stores or end cases not facing the front of the store.

*The Time- you don't want to be too rushed or it can cost you money and time later if mistakes are made and you don't have time for them to be corrected right then.

*Watching as Items are Rung Up- especially if you are shopping promotions or clearance sales paying attention is key to saving money!

*The Final Cost- Have you ever left a store and not had a clue as to how much you just paid? By knowing how about how much you are expecting the bill to be and how much you actually paid can save you time and money!

Why am I reminding you to pay attention? Because this morning I didn't and I paid for it! I was shopping at Wal-Mart for pre-school tomorrow and at the front of the store ran into two shopping carts full of clearance chocolate labeled 50% of red sticker price. This cart was of course surrounded by all us chocoholics trying to find our favorite chocolates at a great price. When my girls and I went to check out I didn't pay attention as the cashier rung us up (I was busy trying to make sure everything got out of the cart, my girls weren't fighting etc.) and the cashier forgot to take the extra 50% off. I did remember to ask at the end if she had and she tried to fix it but in the end I still didn't get charged correctly and my clearance candy not longer cost me a clearance price and I had no time or clue what my final cost should have been I just knew it was less than what I paid! So for me and for you here is a reminder to pay attention : )

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