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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Results

I am absolutely exhusted but I feel like for my first try ever at freezer cooking things went pretty well.  I could have never gotten through as much as I did with out the help of my sweet sister-in-law.  We only had one major catasrophe today and its kind of sad and funny.  Tuesday my girls had a joint birthday party.  While cleaning up my husband came over to me and said "Don't turn on the oven, I put the big dirty plastic serving platers inside."  Well I'm sure you've guessed what happened... I didn't turn the oven on Tuesday but I did today without looking and having totally forgotten about the plastic serving trays.  This is what my tray's look like now.  The funny part is when the oven started smooking my 4 year old started running around yelling a song I teach in preschool, "Emergency, Emergency 911!"

We made it through most of our list with the exception of Red Sauce enchilladas and taco meat (and I still need to put together my chicken and rice casserole but we did get Catrina's together.)  As of right now I have 14 meals and a massive bag of mini banana wheat muffins in my freezer and that's not counting the casserole that I still need to put together or the pan of homemade macaroni we ate for dinner tonight!  Yes I think today was a success. 

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