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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Procrastination Payoff

I finally made it to Albertsons today.  My procrastination paid off because I was able to use my double coupon offers from Sunday's paper to help make the deals even sweeter!  I am leaving for Ohio on Friday and to make life easier for my sweet husband (who is taking the week off work to be with our cute girls so I could go) I got lots of easy meals and snacks for while I am gone.  My trip today took a little planning so here's a look at what I did: 

There were 3 promotion running this week at Albertsons and after looking at the list I decided to shop the Just Chill promotion (buy 10 items get $10 off) and the Con Agra promotion (buy $25 worth of product and get $10 off)  I wanted to do each promotion twice so I split up my list into 5 parts; 2 just chill, 2 con agra, 1 fresh produce/non promotion items.  There wasn't as much in the P&G promo that I needed so I decided to pass.

I used my grocery smarts list to help locate all my SS, RP and PG coupons.  I cliped my double coupon offers from Sunday's paper.  I also check my personal misc. coupons (ones I've gathered from the mail and several other places)  I found in my misc. coupons a booklet full of con agra product coupons that I could use to help make the promo even better

I had a big list and I needed to split my trip into 5 transaction to best take advantage of the store's promotions & my coupons.  Because of this I shopped at a less busy time of day and I only took one of my girls with me.  When checking out I informed the cashier that I would have 5 transactions and also anyone who got in line behind me. I already had my coupons split into their groups so checking out when really smoothly.  At the end the cashier wanted to see how well I did and added up all my savings for me this is how it all turned out:

Total Value: $191.13
Total Saved: $120.88
Total Spent: $70.25
Percentage Saved: 63%

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