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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super Saturday Shopping

It feels like its been awhile since I did a big day of shopping and my fridge and freezer have been looking a little bare (to me). Over the last month we've had a lot of house guests which has been fun and fortunately we've had enough food on hand to feed 6 adults and two children without trips to the store. We have run low on a lot of items though since our household number has been up and today's shopping trip is a great example of how using the what I teach in class really works!

I did a couple things a little different today than my normal shopping routine.
1) I shopped 3 stores; Walgreens, Smith's, and Vons
2) I used very few coupons; 4 RR's (Walgreen's Register Rewards), 1 store coupon, and 2 Manufacture coupons.

I am asked all the time how many stores I shop at and my typical response is I pick 1 that meats my families needs the best that week but today I planned a little extra and just so you know I timed myself to see how long it would take: I left my house at 5:25pm and pulled pack in the drive way at 6:30pm. I planned carefully making my lists by using Grocery Smarts and my trip to all three stores took 1 hour and 5 minutes total!!

Overall I spent $81.10 total AND I saved $133.02!!!

***Also on a side note today is January 23 and after today's trip I still have $84 left from my $350 January shopping budget. (yes our budget has stayed the same even with extra adults in the house!)***

Want to learn how you can do this too? Classes are free just contact me and I will come teach you and your friends how to shop smart and save just like me. : )

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