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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frequently Asked News Paper Renewal Questions

FAQ: "Who do I renew with you or the Review Journal (RJ)"?
Answer: You will renew with the RJ. They should send you a renewal notice in the mail. If you have canceled your subscription for 30 days or more you can call and set up delivery again through me.

FAQ: "What will the price be?"
Answer: Just like I teach in my classes your rates will be the same as when you originally ordered. Its part of Grocery Smarts contract with the RJ. If you get your renewal notice and you think they have the wrong price please contact me and I'll help you figure out what your rate should be.

FAQ: "I'd like to add another subscription on to my order should how do I do that?"
Answer: You can add extra subscriptions for only .75 a paper ($19.50 for 6 months) at any time. Just call me and I can take your order over the phone with any major credit or debit card.

FAQ: "What if I don't want to renew, will my subscription stop automatically?"
Answer: I hope you won't want to cancel your subscriptions but if you do you must call and cancel. If you don't the RJ will continue to deliver and send you a bill.

FAQ: "How can I get a hold of the RJ?"
Answer: The RJ customer service number is 383-0400 and is posted in the right side column.

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