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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Delivering Christmas Cards

Did you get your Christmas cards with that great deal from See Here I posted about? I just got mine yesterday and I think for once I am actually going to get my Christmas cards out! The price of the stamp has gone up so mailing is not as economical as it used to be but here's my advice for getting those cards out:

1) Hand deliver as many cards as you can. I know its fun to get stuff in the mail, but I love to see my friends and neighbors and find it nice when they take the time to hand deliver items too. (With stamps costing over 40 cents a piece the time is worth what I save too!) We will be taking our cards around tomorrow and like I mentioned in a post a few months ago when I bought all the hot chocolate at Smith's, we'll include a box of hot chocolate for all our neighbors.

2) Buy forever stamps in bulk. If you're like me it is impossible to hand deliver all of my cards but you can still try and save money with your postage. Costco sells "Forever Stamps" for slightly less than the post office. A forever stamp means that even if the price of stamps go up your stamps will always be valid without additional postage. Of course buying at costco means you're buying 100 stamps (Costco can never do things small, everything is big! : ) ) The stamps will be valid for forever though. If you don't use that many stamps perhaps consider splitting the purchase up with a friend or family member.

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